This site is a showcase for maps created by and for the Simutrans community. Each map here is unique and should help provide that very same experience with your game! Each map has been tested and is playable.

Total number of maps: 216
World maps: 9
European maps: 85
North American maps: 53
South American maps: 12
Asian maps: 24
African maps: 6
Australian maps: 10
Fantasy maps: 17

Questions or comments about the site can be posted at the Forum in the Forum and Site board, or PM Combuijs or Kristian.

Maps News

27 june 2020: Australia and Netherlands maps by Carl and Fiji Islands map by Phystam added
26 february 2013: Swiss Alps map by NY911 added
22 february 2013: Rio de la Plata map by gabyregistrado added, links updated
9 december 2012: Valle de Mexico map by Feo added
1 december 2012: Vancouver map by Sarlock added
4 september 2012: Mars maps by RogerBW, New York City map by carlbaker and USA/Central America and British Isles maps by Kierongreen added
4 june 2012: Detailed USA North East maps by carlbaker and Prague maps by ML added
20 may 2012: USA North East maps by carlbaker added
27 march 2012: Dubai palm maps by Qanibal added
9 january 2012: Trinidad and Tobago map by Jack Rudd added
4 september 2011: South East Europe map by carlbaker updated and smaller version added
22 august 2011: South East Europe map by carlbaker added
12 june 2011: Portland map by Statto added